Employees First!

Lương: Thỏa Thuận

Địa điểm: Khối Văn Phòng

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 24/12 — 31/01/2021

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Key Tasks

  • Assist Compensation and Benefits Manager with projects and new initiatives;
  • Assist in publicizing and enforcing policies & procedures;
  • Assist with performance evaluation processes and metrics;
  • Capable of developing a deep understanding of employee, job description, and compensation data;
  • Perform analysis for rewards and benefits activities;
  • Provides analytical support for complex projects using research and data analysis skills;
  • Review, revise & develop HR policies and procedures to support the company’s operations & development, to help talent engagement & retention;
  • Update new Laws, new regulations and give advices to the company;
  • Develop HR reports as required for HRD;
  • Other job-related duties as assigned.

Key Requirements

  • University degree in Economics, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Social Humanity or other relating;
  • More than 3 years of experience in similar functions;
  • Understand of Labor law. Solid understanding of payroll and PIT, SUHI;
  • Must have strong communication skills both written and verbal;
  • Must be detail-oriented, organized, analytical, problem-solver and have excellent follow-up skills;
  • Proficiency with Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Outlook);
  • Logical thinking & willingness to learn.

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